Our Background

Goldrock Safaris is a specialized tour and travel company that offers exclusive and tailor-made safaris designed to deliver intimate wildlife encounters and irresistible vacation experiences in a serene natural habitat to small groups of wildlife enthusiasts and holiday travelers across Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, and Rwanda, (East Africa).

Our professional destination management approach has been and continues to encompass the delivery of an excellent holiday trip and a lifetime experience in the natural habitat that adheres to conservation and eco-system sustainability with a memorable combination of scenery, exclusive wildlife viewing, excellent hospitality, and local community experience across East Africa.

Our made-on-order journeys leading to exclusive trip management and respectful application of the client-centered approach have been the cornerstone for consistency in the quality of travel service across the East African region. This has established our enviable reputation with our clients leading to an excellent working relationship with all our other stakeholders nationally, across the region, and internationally.

Our slogan: “Exploring the mystery about Africa’s nature” is an assurance of the company’s distinctive

approach to providing travelers with tailored trips that constitutes a holistic holiday experience of nature and encounters encompassing cherished memories in the great lakes region of East Africa.

Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, and Rwanda harbor populations of over 400 numerous species of mammals including the critically endangered ones and over 2000 species of birdlife that are protected in form of National Parks, Game Reserves, and Sanctuaries, all these define “the true African trip destination” for a lifetime experience.

With the strategic location of the wildlife and travel destinations’ Uganda (Pearl of Africa), Tanzania, Kenya (Magic of Africa), and Rwanda’s vast conservation regions are less tempered, which keeps nature flourishing and providing a splendid holiday experience for every traveler that happens to visit East Africa.

The moisturizing lowlands and high ranging mountains around East Africa provide the lavish waterways for most of the fascinating water bodies like River Nile (the Longest River in the World with an approximate distance of 6,650 kilometers) flowing from its source in Lake Victoria through the Ugandan drumming rift valleys and tropical forests, northward to the semi-arid savannah ranging into the Mediterranean Sea.

Partnership for community impact

Goldrock Safaris is proud for the partnership and support extended to Bwindi Education Partnership Center (BEPC) as our non-profit partner but also as a local charity organisation based in Uganda. This organization represents exceptional, reviving and enriching programs implemented around communities surrounding Bwindi Impenetrable National Park in South Western Uganda, focusing on projects in education, technology, innovation, agricultural and community sustainability.

Do you know of anybody searching for volunteering opportunity or with potential donatable resources of interest to our charity partner (Bwindi Education Partnership Center (BEPC). We kindly invite you to contact us and get introduced to their programs’ Director for more sharing and learning about their impactful work within communities.

Sustainable ecotourism

The United Nations (UN) global sustainability agenda sets a framework for all companies to contribute towards achieving a sustainable world with restored eco-systems at large. Our commitment to this cause implies that we must ensure that all our activities are as environmentally sound as possible by taking responsibility and account of our carbon emissions on every trip we manage.

To reinforce the sustainability agenda, we make a declaration of our partnership with Uganda Carbon Bureau and Carbon Foundation for East Africa, all of which are the authorized carbon emission agencies in relation to carbon offsetting across the region of East Africa, in addition to educating our staff members to be more aware of good energy conservation practices and educating drivers on fuel efficient driving.