3 Days Mount Nyiragongo Volcano


Our 3 Days Nyiragongo package is very popular but if you already in Goma town or are interested in a shorter trip

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All about the 3 Days Mount Nyiragongo Volcano.

The 2 kilometer crater on top of Mount Nyiragongo is the world’s largest lava lake. Most of Africa’s recent volcanic eruptions have come from Mount Nyiragongo and the neighboring mount Nyamuragira. It is not clear when the volcano had its first eruption but geologists trace the first eruption to 1882.

Our 3 Days Nyiragongo package is very popular but if you already in Goma town or are interested in a shorter trip starting from the town, you should check out our 2 days Nyiragongo Hiking Package.

  1. Day 1 Pick you up from Airport Kigali

    Goldrock Safari driver will pick you up from the airport or your hotel in Kigali. If you arrive early, you will have an opportunity to go for the Kigali city tour before the transfer to Congo. Kigali is relatively small when compared to other African cities but it stands out because of its neat streets and beautiful hills. 3 Days Nyiragongo Volcano HikeDuring your tour of the city, you will visit the genocide memorial sites, the presidential palace museum,
    the main city market and artisan shops. The Guide will then start the journey from Kigali to the Goma border crossing via Lake Kivu. The journey from Kigali to the Congo border crossing will provide you an opportunity to see Rwanda’s beautiful countryside (Green tea plantations, rolling hills, smiling locals and the beautiful Lake Kivu).

    You will have lunch by the Lake Kivu or at a hotel restaurant next to the border crossing. Once you are done with lunch, you will go to the border offices to clear with immigration. Your Congo Visa should be in the system but you will also need to have your yellow fever card and passport before being allowed to cross to Congo. Once your documents have been checked, you will cross to the Congo side and find a team from Virunga National Park waiting to transfer you to your lodge.

    Dinner and overnight will be in Kibumba Tented Camp (Mid-range), Bukima Tented Camp (Mid-range) of Mikeno Lodge (Luxury).

  2. Day 2 Nyiragongo Hike – Watching the Lava Lake

    You will wake up and take early morning breakfast as you wait to be taken to the park offices for registration and the briefing about Nyiragongo Hiking at the Kibatsi village (The Nyiragongo hike starting point). You will meet many other hikers the starting point. This is the time to hire any porters to If you have slower hikers in your group, do not expect to leave them behind until you reach the last 3 Days Hiking Mount Nyiragongo section of the hike. As you head towards the volcano, you will notice that the lower slopes are full of lush green rain-forest. These forests are home to mammals, birds,small primates and rare plant – Take advantage of it. To be specific, look out for chimpanzees, monkeys and antelopes. You will begin to notice that there is less vegetation as you head upwards. Much of the vegetation was destroyed by hot lave during the last eruption. The lack of vegetation is a good thing because it allows you to the surrounding landscape including the Virunga National Park, the Rwenzori Mountains, other Virunga Volcanoes, Goma town, Kahuzi Biega National Park and Lake Kivu. Hiking mount Nyiragongo takes between 4 – 5 hours depending on the overall fitness of the hiking group.

    Remember that no group member is left behind during the hike. Expect to reach the top when it is almost getting dark. You will go straight to marvel at the amazing boiling lava lake. Your dinner and overnight will be at the summit in cabins.

  3. Day 3 Descend the Nyiragongo volcano and head back to Kigali.

    3 days Nyiragongo Volcano HikeAfter observing the volcano and partying with other hikers during the night, it’s time to depart.
    Wake up early and take breakfast prepared by the porters. Descending the Volcano starts at 8am. If you never had the time to
    have sustained views of the beautiful landscape in Virunga National Park because you were too tired, this is the time.
    Once you reach the base, you will be transferred to the Congo Rwanda border crossing. This time you will be dealing with
    officials from Rwanda. They will ask you to pay for another Rwanda Visa in order to cross back at a cost of $30. Our office
    guide will be waiting for you from the Rwanda side to start the journey to Kigali. If you never toured Kigali on the first
    day of the tour, this is the time to do so.

Hotels, Tea Houses and Lodges
  • Kibumba Tented Camp (Mid-range)
  • Bukima Tented Camp (Mid-range)
  • Mikeno Lodge (Luxury).

Baggage delay, damage, and loss policies don’t cover
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Common travel insurance exclusions include:
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The climate of eastern Africa is generally tropical, though
average temperatures tend to be reduced by regions high
elevations. the region’s vegetation ranges from woodlands
and grasslands in the wetter regions to thorn bushes in semiarid areas.


Average temperature ranges from 65 degrees F to 100 degrees. These months are marked by moderate temperature as the winter approaches.

The rains have generally ended and the surrounding
bush is lush and green. The temperatures at this time ranges from a low of 55 degrees F, to a high of mid 80 degrees F,

East African countries require U.S citizens to obtain
a tourist visa in order to enter, and although Kenya,
Tanzania, Rwanda, and Uganda have similar visa processes, It is important to understand the country-specific requirement  before you depart.

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